『Pueraria Herbal Gel』is developed by LC in Japan. A body skin care gel with Pueraria as ingredient. Pueraria is a leguminous plant from the deciduous forest in Northern Thailand.Nowadays, there are many cosmetics with Pueraria as ingredient, but we have made tremendous efforts in its initial developing stage. We began to develop Pueraria-related products since 2003. At that time, the technology to obtain Pueraria extract did not exist in Japan, it was almost impossible to get the necessary ingredient to produce such cosmetics.Pueraria also has its unique fragrance.

An ordinary extraction method would only ruin the fragrance and render it unsuitable for cosmetics. After numerous trials and errors, we have discovered the unique method to obtain high concentration of Pueraria extract – a substance suitable as cosmetics ingredient. This is the birth of 『Pueraria Herbal Gel』. This product can be smoothly applied on the body skin like silk. It helps improving your skin texture and bust size, as well as having moisturising effect. It became popular among the users immediately. Besides Pueraria, its other ingredients include Scutellaria and Belamcanda extracts, which help lightening and smoothening the body skin, realising your true beauty.

Besides『Pueraria Herbal Gel』, other Pueraria products are also available. 『Pueraria Herbal Gel (Refill)』offers a large volume for use, 『Pueraria Extra Herbal Gel』contains extra Pueraria extract and can improve your bust size. 『Pueraria Herbal Supplement』is nutritional supplement which makes your busts grow. These products can be used all over your body, including the face. It can also be applied on the face before sleep. Highly effective both within and on your body, these products help you become a true woman!

  • Pueraria Herbal Gel

    Full Care for your unwanted hair, bust massage which touches your heart.
    Pueraria Herbal Gel

    Product No.: 97500 250g

  • Pueraria Herbal Gel (Refill)

    Arms, Legs, Stomach! Full massage for the whole body!
    Pueraria Herbal Gel (Refill)

    Product No.: 97510 1L

  • Pueraria Extra Herbal Gel

    Recommend and highly suitable for bust massage
    Pueraria Extra Herbal Gel

    Product No,: 97520 150g

  • Pueraria Herbal Supplement

    Helps you show out the lady you are from inside out.
    Pueraria Herbal Supplement

    Product No: 95000 60 capsules
    (approximately 1 months portion)