Nulé Nulé

『Nulé Nulé』kissing specialist serum Apply this kissing specialist serum on your lips to keep them moist and glossy. You will be able to kiss better. Back in 2005, LC has conducted a survey about the importance of glossy lips for kissing. The result shows that women focus more on the glossiness of the lips, while the sense of moisture is more important for men. Men would feel uncomfortable when a kiss becomes tacky, which might be unknown to women. Based on this result, we have included various ingredients in our products which can solve this problem.

Maxi-Lip makes your lips look better, royal jelly gives people a healthy impression of your lips, and sea buckthorn extract (sea buckthorn seed oil) contains valuable vitamins. These ingredients help making your lips glossy and moist, giving you a pleasant feeling when kissing.This product also contains male hormone-like aroma components and osmoferine, which can greatly improve one's mood. We offer 6 different classic fragrances.

『Nulé Nulé Amakuamaete First Kiss』is under the theme of a sweet pure kiss and has a mixed lemon, strawberry and peach flavor. 『Nulé Nulé Berry Kiss』has sweet and sour mixed berry flavor represents a pretty cute kiss.『Nulé Nulé Muscat Kiss』has an elegant, mellow grape fragrance.. 『Nulé Nulé Fruit Tea Kiss』is under the theme of a gentle kiss with warm feelings.『Nulé Nulé Gorgeous Kiss』improves your mood with the scent of elegant Bulgaria roses. And for sensitive skin you can choose『Nulé Nulé Plain Kiss』. With different kiss themes, we use different sexual herbs in the product to generate suitable fragrances. Since the product launch in May 2005, 1,660,000 are sold in Japan. Our kissing specialist serum has significantly increased the kissing skills of many women.

  • Sweet Pure Kiss

    Sweet Pure Kiss
    Nulé Nulé Amakuamaete First Kiss

    Product No.: 95206 1.8mL

  • Nulé Nulé Berry Kiss

    Sour‐sweet Pretty Kiss
    Nulé Nulé Berry Kiss

    Product No.: 95211 1.8mL

  • Nulé Nulé Muscat Kiss

    Grape Flavor Mellow Kiss
    Nulé Nulé Muscat Kiss

    Product No.: 95209 1.8mL

  • Nulé Nulé Fruit Tea Kiss

    Warm Feeling Gentle Kiss
    Nulé Nulé Fruit Tea Kiss

    Product No.: 95214 1.8mL

  • Nulé Nulé Gorgeous Kiss

    Bulgaria Rose Flavor Hot Kiss
    Nulé Nulé Gorgeous Kiss

    Product No.: 95210 1.8mL

  • Nulé Nulé Plain Kiss

    Be feminine and charming all the time
    Nulé Nulé Plain Kiss

    Product No.: 95207 1.8mL