Since its establishment in 2003, LC has engaged in the sales of love goods (massagers, vibrators), which is part of its women love healthcare business operation. In Japan, such love goods were viewed negatively as adult goods. However, it is indeed an important method to relieve stress and is part of an appropriate healthcare approach. During its developing stage, we placed significant emphasis on women's feeling when using our products,

and have therefore adopted a convenient design for use. The material of the vibrator is smooth and elastic, which is also used in the medical field. Our classic『LC Pink Rotar』is small, easy to carry and can easily be placed on the palm. In addition, we also offer other innovative products, such as love goods usagi for two people and ones highly resembling eggs or beans for personal use. Each product has its own character.

From now on, we will make the effort to eliminate the negative images of such products. By developing new products such as facial massager, we aim to provide exclusive comfort to our customers and maintain their mental and physical health.

  • Sky Beans

    Suitable for beginners! Gives you more sensational experience! LC’s Original Vibrator

    Product No.: 90606
    Size: L225 x W30mm

  • Pink Candy

    Stimulate G-Spot and make you more sensitive inside...Enjoy the climax you have neven tried before!

    Product No.: 90605
    Size: L240 x W30mm

  • Sky Wallaby

    The entrance and middle fits exactly right
    Sky Wallaby

    Product No.: 90250
    Size: L100 x W35mm

  • Marine Beans

    The motor at the tip stimulates the inner part tightly
    Marine Beans

    Product No.:90260
    Size: L100xW35mm

  • Sky Candy

    The popular Denma vibrator in LC's original design!

    Product No.:98894
    Size: L180 x W33mm

  • Pink Roter

    Even with a reasonable price provides you the right feeling
    Pink Roter

    Product No.: 98066
    Size: L55xL25mm
    Cord: approx. 640mm

  • Love Soramame

    LC's original vibrator makes your breasts sexier than ever!

    Product No.: 98147
    Size: (Cup)Diameter 8.5cm

  • Love Tamago

    An item which allows you to excite males with hand techniques
    Love Tamago

    Product No.: 90985
    Tamago: L97xH74mm
    Cord: approx. 640mm

  • Pink Jewel

    Developed by LC, cute vibrator which increases females’ sensational!

    Product No.: 99060
    Size: L115 x W35mm(Largest part)

  • Pink Tulip

    Very exciting vibration and brings up the swing
    Pink Tulip

    Product No.: 98132
    Size: L220 x W30mm

  • Petit Drop

    Can enjoy either in the bath or in bed
    Petit Drop

    Product No.: 90180
    Size: L105xW26mm

  • Grand Drop

    Cute shape just like soft ice-cream! Clear pink color also helps you to increase your femininity!

    Product No.: 99014
    Size: L135 x W35mm