With Indonesian herb as its ingredient, LC's JAMU is produced in accordance to high Japanese standard. The word JAMU carries the meaning of "Guest, hospitality, made from plants", and is the traditional wisdom carried through generations of Indonesian families. Produced with natural ingredients including herb, the knowledge of this traditional soap is carried from generation to generation. Some are carried by local specialists called "Dukun", others are given from mother to daughter. We have selected the Indonesian JAMU as our basis, and produced a brand new type of cosmetics with Japanese cosmetics technology. This is the LC JAMU.

This is the『LC JAMU Herbal Soap』, a very popular product in the LC JAMU line. As a natural soap, it can wash away odor and dullness easily. This soap's main ingredient is coconut oil, mixed with chamomile oil and ginseng. Without surfactant, get yourself a foaming net to make fluffy, creamy foam during use. Put it on the top of your busts and your private part for 3 mintues, and then wash it off. Since the beginning of its sales in 2003, we have received 510,000 mail orders within Japan, with a high customer return rate.

Besides『LC JAMU Herbal Soap』, other products are also available for your selection. 『LA JAMU Hard Bubble』can effectively remove dullness on your body, 『LC JAMU Beauty Bubble』washes away the dirt and exfoliates your face. 『LC JAMU Delicate Pack』washes away the fluid from your private lower part, and keeps it clean. 『LC JAMU Scalp Cleanser』eliminates the scalp odor. These products keep your armpits, private part, feet and scalp clean. Select and use them according to your need.

  • LC JAMU Herbal Soap

    Helps you get rid of unwanted dullness and odour
    LC JAMU Herbal Soap

    Product No.: 99031 64g

  • LC JAMU Hard Bubble

    Helps you get rid of the dullness when take off your lingerie
    LC JAMU Hard Bubble

    Product No.: 90051 85g

  • LC JAMU Beauty Bubble

    Gives you a very soft, gentle feeling after washing your face
    LC JAMU Beauty Bubble

    Product No.: 90085 85g

  • LC JAMU Delicate Pack

    Wash away the trouble you have with underbody fluids
    LC JAMU Delicate Pack

    Product No.: 90030 100g

  • LC JAMU Cleansing Cream

    Cleans off your makeup instantly
    LC JAMU Cleansing Cream

    Product No.: 97608 140g

  • LC JAMU Scalp Cleanser

    Cares for the odor of your scalp
    LC JAMU Scalp Cleanser

    Product No.: 93954 200mL

  • LC JAMU Herbal Roll

    Just a quick roll and keep your armpits smooth and refreshed!
    LC JAMU Herbal Roll

    Product No.: 93855 30mL

  • LC JAMU Scalp Cream Bath Treatment

    Creamy treatment keeps your hair moisturized and hydrated
    LC JAMU Scalp Cream Bath Treatment

    Product No.: 94896 200g