The Volcanic Cleansing Foam originates from the "Yamato honzō", a book describing herbal uses published in 1709 during the Edo Period in Japan. This ancient Japanese wisdom has greatly inspired us.In August 2004, we have developed the foot shampoo『Honzoemaki Foot Beauty』. This product has utilised the extracts of Tarragon and tea, as described in the Yamato honzō. It also contains ingredients like Akebia stem extract and Balsamine, effectively removing any peculiar smell from your feet. This product is gelatinous and can be smoothly applied on your feet.

It is pebbly and gives you a pleasant feeling when scrubbing with it. The cool, refreshing feeling remains on your feet after washing. In 2008, we have launched our product -『Honzoemaki Mikan Whitening Foam』, a facial wash with whitening effect made from white volcanic sand. White volcanic sand is a special kind of volcanic sand found in the Southern Kyushu area, mainly in the Kagoshima Prefecture. With miraculous effect in removing dirt, your skin becomes translucent with the use of this product. The white volcanic sand is originally big and sharp.

LC has specially modified the shape of the sand grains, making them smooth and glossy when in contact with body skin. In addition, this product contains Camellia, Perilla and Tangeretin extracts. Its creamy foam is moist and smooth, carrying the fragrance of tangerine. Very effective in skin whitening, you will see the wonder it does when you look into the mirror. This will be your healthy first impression.

  • Honzoemaki Mikan Whitening Foam

    The refreshing foam from the volcanic sand gives you a solution of transparency
    Honzoemaki Mikan Whitening Foam

    Product No.: 97315 200g

  • Honzoemaki Foot Beauty

    Gets rid of the grains, refreshing Foot Shampoo
    Honzoemaki Foot Beauty

    Product No.: 93000 150g