LC has also specially produced DVDs for women. There are altogether 6 types of DVD. The theme is “The females can learn about [how to] for sex” The DVDs do not have mosaics that are common among adult videos. With clear pictures and relaxing music, you can easily master sexual techniques by watching them. Our latest product is『Making Love Lesson ~English Conversation for H~』which will be on sale in February, 2012. Let's say, a girl wants to start a relationship with a foreign man, it would be important to know the necessary English phrases when making love. This inspired us to produce this DVD.

There may be a lot of English conversation practice material in bookstores, but none of them contain practical expressions when you are making love with your foreign partner. Therefore, LC has conducted a research about common English phrases and expressions for making love, and compiled them into this DVD. Other DVDs that we offer include HOWTOSEXDVD『LOVE*48』, which helps enhancing your sexual skills with your male partner. Lovers can watch《LOVERS 48》together and increase their sexual communication.『Girls Lessons』teaches you the ways of females enjoying themselves.

『Love Merie ~5 Love Approaches~』tells you the love stories of five different men, from which you can get some tips about love. 『LOVE MASTER 100』shows you 100 different kinds of techniques for making love. Many of our customers used to ask themselves "What shall I do in such situation?" "How do the others deal with such problems?" The introduction of our DVDs has provided them a clear solution to their problems.

  • Making Love Lessson ~English Conversation for H~

    Making Love Lessson ~English Conversation for H~
    For you who is going out with a foreigner….

    (approx. 50mins)

  • LOVE*48

    Recording of 48 techniques which will excite him

    2 Discs set
    (Main: Pink 43mins, Red 48mins)

  • LOVERS48

    Love Communication for 2 people

    2 Discs set
    (Main: Melting heart approx. 44mins, Body Passion approx. 48mins)

  • Girls Lessons

    Girls Lessons
    Learn about methods of Love for one person

    2 Discs set
    (Main: Body approx. 47 mins, Imagination approx. 75mins)

  • Love Methods ~5 Love Approach~

    Love Methods ~5 Love Approach~
    5 different Sexual Love story

    2 Discs
    (Main: Story approx. 59mins, Special Scenes approx. 21mins)


    Learning of 100 Making Love Techniques

    2 Discs set
    (Main: Techniques approx. 54mins, Story approx. 62mins)