Woman's body is very delicate.
Each woman has at least one problem they want to keep as secret.
These include odor problems from armpits and fluid from lower body, under hair, menstruation, body shape and many others different issues.
Use natural cosmetics to get rid of these problems with ease. There will be no more shame with your partner, family and relatives. Your confidence increases, and you will be more active in love.
This brand is established to satisfy women's needs in this aspect. We specialise in the sales of female love healthcare products. This is the LC lovecosmetic.

October 2003, Tokyo.
There were only two staff members.
We started the business with only herbal soap and a homemade website.
At the beginning, we did not receive even one single order.
The concept of women love healthcare was uncommon in Japan at that time, and was not widely accepted.
With our continuous effort, we conveyed the one and only important message to the people - "solving the problems among females". The number of orders increased, and we received a lot of thank-you letters from our clients as well.

We have specially designed various unique cosmetics to solve our customers' problems. Since our product brand is firmly established, Japanese ladies have become prettier.
Currently, besides designing and selling our natural cosmetics, our products also include food and beverage, ice-cream and alcohol. We have also produced DVDs, featuring original stories. Within the female love healthcare business framework, we have successfully diversified our products.

Established in Japan and hoping to support more females, LC lovecosmetic has begun to expand overseas, including regions like Hong Kong and Shanghai.

To increase women's confidence and help them become more beautiful all around the world, LC lovecosmetic aims to solve their problems - body shape, romance, kiss, sex and other delicate female issues.